Alison Krauss - Forget about It

Alison Krauss
Forget About It


First Appeared at The Music Box, October 1999, Volume 6, #10

Written by John Metzger


Though Alison Krauss is best known for her work with Union Station, there is little hint of bluegrass on her new solo release Forget About It. Union Station does back her up on the album, but instead of the usual fare, Krauss has delivered a pop album with a folk-country twist.

She reworks Shenandoah's Ghost in This House to take advantage of her fragile vocals, creating a haunting tone of despair. Likewise, the group waltzes gracefully through Dreaming My Dreams with You as Krauss magically blends her voice with those of Lyle Lovett and Dolly Parton. Her string accompaniment creates chamber-pop ambience around the interplay of acoustic guitarist Ron Block and dobro legend Jerry Douglas.

In fact, Douglas underscores many of these tales of regret with a teary-eyed dobro accompaniment. Combined with the folk-feel of the album, it brings to mind the collaborations of Jackson Browne and guitarist David Lindley.

At times, Forget About It is a bit too sugar-sweet, but that's what happens when you record an album of cover songs and include two by Michael McDonald. Still, the good points by far outweigh the bad ones, and it's certainly hard to deny Krauss' talent as a vocalist. She sings with such graceful tenderness, allowing her voice to effortlessly soar over the subtle intricacies of her band. As a producer, she creates a sparse, acoustic-tinged sound that gives the album an intimate, yet undeniably accessible atmosphere. In a world where pop music is delivered by the likes of Shania Twain and Celine Dion, Krauss is a welcome breath of fresh air. starstarstar

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