The Beatles - Anthology, Volume 2

The Beatles
Anthology Volume 2


First Appeared in The Music Box, Nov/Dec 1996, Volume 3, #8

Written by John Metzger


The Beatles' Anthology Volume 2 is a two-disc set that contains the second "new" recording (Real Love), and this cut-and-paste job fares better than the single Free as a Bird that accompanied Anthology Volume 1. Although this installment emphasizes a rather extraordinary period of The Beatles' history between 1965 and 1967, the group was at a creative and prolific peak during which it tinkered with a multitude of studio gadgets to perfect and create its masterpieces much of the material is inferior to the final products.  Even so, it sheds light upon both the ensemble's process as well as its flaws, and it highlights just how valuable production wizard George Martin was to the collective. Most notable are the several takes of Strawberry Fields Forever which show how this gem was sculpted.  True fans who want to understand how The Beatles put its compositions together will find Anthology Volume 2 to be intriguing. Everyone else is likely to be disappointed, especially as the band delves further into its experiments. starstarstar

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