The Beatles - Baby It's You

The Beatles
Baby It's You


First Appeared in The Music Box, March/April 1996, Volume 3, #2

Written by John Metzger



Baby It's You is the CD single from the Live at the BBC, which was released in late '94. It has three tunes that did not appear on the double album, though it largely is geared towards true fans of The Beatles, especially considering the rather high ticket price of $5 for 8 minutes of "new" music. I'll Follow the Sun from 11/17/64, Devil in Her Heart from 7/16/63, and Boys from 6/17/63 are all respectful of the album versions. Boys strays the furthest from the familiar with a few extra screams and a somewhat altered guitar part. starstarstar



1 Star: Pitiful
2 Stars: Listenable
3 Stars: Respectable
4 Stars: Excellent
5 Stars: Can't Live Without It!!


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