Brooke - Coming Home

Coming Home


First Appeared at The Music Box, September 2003, Volume 10, #9

Written by John Metzger


The problem with much of today’s music — no matter the genre — is that by combining influences in an attempt to create something new, artists wind up diluting everything to the point that it becomes generic mush. It all comes from trying too hard to appeal to everyone and become the next big thing — thereby making gobs of money — rather than just focusing on writing great songs. Sadly, this strategy frequently works, which is why everyone keeps doing it. Oakland, California-based singer-songwriter Brooke is the latest in a long string of artists bidding to take over the airwaves, and more than half of Coming Home, his debut, falls into this category, sounding exactly like every song played on the Clear Channel monopoly of alternative and modern rock radio stations across the country.

The rest of the material, however, shows an awful lot of promise. Most notable is the country, classic rock, heavy metal, and hip-hop hybrid I Still Remember, which boasts an infectious melody and an anthemic chorus that works far better than anything else on Coming Home. Elsewhere, Brooke taps into a Red Hot Chili Peppers-meets-Matchbox Twenty vibe on Here I Go, while both the title track — which appears twice — and Camera feature strong verses but bland choruses. Still, the strange juxtaposition of sounds frequently serves Brooke’s songs quite well, and perhaps with a little less gloss and a little more of the originality found on I Still Remember, Brooke might fashion a career rather than be a brief blip on the pop charts. starstarstar

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