Canned Heat - Boggie 2000

Canned Heat
Boogie 2000


First Appeared at The Music Box, January 2000, Volume 7, #1

Written by John Metzger


Over the years, Canned Heat has managed to defy the odds. Despite the deaths of founding members Bob "The Bear" Hite and Alan Wilson as well as long-time guitarist Henry Vestine, the group has continued to tour and record thanks largely to the perseverance of drummer Adolfo de la Parra.

There's no question that Canned Heat's heyday came in the late '60s, but since then the group has staged several resurgences. The first came in the '80s with the addition of guitar phenom Walter Trout, and the second began with the September release of Boogie 2000. Make no mistake there's nothing on this album that quite rivals either of the band's Top Ten hits Goin' Up the Country or On the Road Again. Yet, the disc does cook to an enticing, slow boil that warrants attention from the group's biggest fans.

The best song on Boogie 2000 is by far the scintillating groove of Wait and See. It kicks off the album with a healthy dose of classic Canned Heat, blending saxophone and flute with a driving beat. Other highlights include the Peter Green-inspired World of Make-Believe, the traditional blues excursion Can I Come Home?, and the soulful melody of Searchin' for My Baby. While the rest of the album doesn't live up to these, it is at least enjoyable. starstar

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