Elizabeth Zipern - Cooking with the Dead

Cooking with the Dead

A cookbook by Elizabeth Zipern

Review written by John Metzger

By now I'm sure you've at least seen Elizabeth Zipern's Cooking with the Dead. This is a wonderful collection of stories and tales from the road all dealing with one of my favorite post-concert activities food! This unique cookbook contains over 65 wonderful recipes for many of the vegetarian delights you've seen (and tasted) time and time again over the course of a tour.

I haven't even begun to work many of these recipes into my cooking repertoire, but the book is worth it just for the tales from the road. I have managed to venture into the burrito chapter, and Jake & Lionel's Good Karma Curry Burritos is a tasty, easy to follow base recipe that can be altered to fit the contents of just about any refrigerator!

Cooking with the Dead is available from Barnes & Noble.
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Another cooking alternative is being published by reader Beth Livingston. I have not had the opportunity to check this one out for myself, but Beth tells me that it contains over 125 pages of recipes suitable for touring, tailgating, camping, and home.

Copies are available for $8.00 each and all proceeds are donated to SEVA and the Rex Foundation. This is Beth's dedication of love to the Grateful Dead scene and is her gift back to the Deadhead family of which she has been a part for the past 25 years.

This was originally published in 1995. I've since had a chance to look at this book, and it's worth the $8 price if you can find it.


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