Delta Moon - Goin' Down South

Delta Moon
Goin' Down South

(Deep Rush)

First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2004, Volume 11, #12

Written by John Metzger



Formed in the late í90s by a trio of songwriters from Atlanta, Delta Moon has struggled to transcend the regionís blues scene. Its second studio effort Goiní Down South should change that perspective. Steeped in steely slide guitars that tie the Allman Brothers Band to Bonnie Raitt, the ensemble expands upon its sound by flavoring it significantly with the heartland folk-pop perspective of John Mellencamp. Running through a track listing that features masterfully reworked interpretations of J. B Lenoirís I Want to Go, David Bowie and Iggy Popís Nightclubbing, and the R. L. Burnside-penned tune that gives the set its title, Delta Moon unleashes a torrent of fiery rock ínĎ roll that alludes to the potency of its highly lauded concert performances. Indeed, as the group rips into the driving rhythms of Iíll Die Trying or settles into the heady swirl of Stone Cold Man, one gets the feeling that as good as it is, this is a band that is just beginning to gel ó a notion that is as exhilarating as the music contained on Goiní Down South. starstarstar



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