Epic Soundtracks - Everything Is Temporary

Epic Soundtracks
Everything is Temporary


First Appeared at The Music Box, October 1999, Volume 6, #10

Written by John Metzger


In 1992, Epic Soundtracks released his first solo album, titled Rise Above, which featured guest appearances by Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J. Mascis and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. The album received widespread critical acclaim and was heralded by Spin magazine as one of the best releases of the year.


Soundtracks managed to produce only two more albums and a collection of outtakes before he was tragically found dead in his London apartment in December 1997. Yet, he left behind volumes of unreleased songs and recordings. In addition, Soundtracks had drafted a series of notes outlining three more outtakes packages, but they were lacking in the details necessary to shed any light on what he had envisioned. It's from these notes and recordings that Soundtracks' brother Nikki Sudden was able to assemble the song sequence that became Everything is Temporary.

While knowing this story helps to put the album in perspective, you really don't need to know anything about Soundtracks or his music to understand this collection. Everything is Temporary is a haunting assortment of songs that mostly features Soundtracks accompanying himself on guitar or piano. He was clearly drawn to the music of John Lennon, Todd Rundgren, Donovan, Alex Chilton, Ray Davies, and Robyn Hitchcock. The rough edges of this compilation not only allow these influences to bubble to the surface, but also enhance the raw emotions that lie beneath the surface. Each of the songs grows out of a tortured soul searching for love and friendship, but instead finding only loneliness. starstarstar



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