Local Concert Preview for Chicago:
January 24-31, 2009

First Appeared in The Music Box, January 2009, Volume 16, #1

Written by John Metzger

Thu January 22, 2009, 06:30 AM CST


1/24 - Disco Biscuits - Congress Theater - Chicago - 8:00 p

Disco Biscuits - Uncivilized AreaWhen it first emerged on the jam band scene in the mid-í90s, Disco Biscuits didnít appear to be a group that would be around for very long. Its sophomore set Uncivilized Area was an indistinct blend of Phish-fed grooves and progressive rock posturing that seemed to seal its fate. Nevertheless, more than a decade after its release, Disco Biscuits is still going strong, having carved out a niche for itself by embracing the space where jazz, electronica, and classic rock converge. Not surprisingly, the outfitís most recent endeavor The Wind at Four to Fly is a concert set that is stuffed full of elongated improvisational excursions. To support the effort, Disco Biscuits, which hits the Congress Theater on January 24, will be touring around the country through mid-April, though its other goal is to build anticipation for its forthcoming studio set.

1/24 - Kings of Leon / The Whigs - House of Blues - Chicago - 7:00 p

Kings of Leon - Only by the NightThanks to Kings of Leon, the world has one more example of how a little success can be a dangerous thing. On Because of the Times, its third effort, the group pushed its music in an array of directions all at once, building layers upon layers of sound that crested in towering waves of sonic bliss. The album had been fueled by Kings of Leonís need to grab the attention of the apathetic concert-goers who, night after night, were milling around inside the countryís oversized arenas, oblivious to the collectiveís performances and waiting for the main act to take the stage. The songs on Because of the Times did the trick, and they subsequently (and rightfully) were heralded by fans and critics alike. Nearly 18 months later, Kings of Leon returned with Only by the Night, a collection that has been viewed by many as a disappointment. Throughout the set, Kings of Leon attempts to ring even more from its newfound love of stadium-filling rock, but the results largely dilute the spirited edginess that once made the bandís work so thrilling. There is hope, however: The intimate confines of venues like House of Blues, where Kings of Leon will perform on January 24, may be just the cure that the ailing outfit needs. As an added bonus, The Whigs will open the show, which also serves as a benefit for the Lisa Klitzky Foundation.

1/24, 31 - Buddy Guy - Legends - Chicago - 9:30 p
1/25 - Buddy Guy - Legends - Chicago - 7:30 p
1/28-30 - Buddy Guy - Legends - Chicago - 9:00 p

Buddy Guy - Skin DeepWith these six concerts, Buddy Guy will conclude this yearís extended run at Legends, the blues club he owns on the near-south side of Chicago. This is the final chance for Chicagoans to see Guy for a while, as he is about to hit the road with B.B. King for a month-long tour in February.

1/29 - Jonny Lang - House of Blues - Chicago - 9:00 p

Jonny Lang - Long Time ComingImprobable as it may be, Jonny Lang garnered national attention at the age of 16 when his solo debut Lie to Me broke into the mainstream. Twelve years later, he now is considered something of an industry veteran. Always one to take his time between outings, Langís most recent set Turn Around was issued more than two years ago. Therefore, fans are hoping that his latest tour is an indication that he has a few new tricks tucked up his blues-baked sleeve. At the very least, his devotees can help him celebrate his 28th birthday when he performs at the House of Blues on January 29.


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