Low Millions - Ex-Girlfriends

Low Millions


First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2004, Volume 11, #12

Written by T.J. Simon


Low Millions is a New York City-based, power-pop band fronted by Adam Cohen (the son of the critically heralded master Leonard Cohen), though the group’s debut Ex-Girlfriends, which crosses Coldplay with Phantom Planet, is nothing out of the ordinary. The disc begins promisingly with the well-constructed break-up song Eleanor, and the subsequent Mockingbird is a hook-heavy and tightly wound number worthy of being a hit.  Cohen has a clean and clear voice that hits the high notes in a pleasing fashion throughout the album, particularly on Here She Comes, which is another radio-friendly gem.

Unfortunately, the wheels fly off the bus during Ex-Girlfriends’ regrettable second half when Low Millions shifts away from quality, guitar-based songwriting and begins to experiment with keyboard and electronica effects. This is accompanied by poorly written lyrics delivered in an overwrought style that Cohen is unable to sell. Diary is a prime example of a concept that has gone awry; Money Thing is grating and never should have been recorded; and the final track Nikki opens with some of the worst lyrical metaphors in recent memory.

Low Millions is not a group without promise, and Cohen certainly has the ability to craft and deliver a great power-pop number. He just needs an honest friend who will tell him when to run away from a bad idea, which unfortunately is something that Ex-Girlfriends has in abundance. Hidden among the album’s 11 tracks is a solid five-song EP, but a better band wouldn’t force its fans dig for it. starstar ˝

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