Mushroom Chiefs

First Appeared at The Music Box, December 1997, Volume 4, #13

Written by John Metzger


This five-piece band plays regularly in the Washington D.C. area, and last year they released their first disc Spores. From the opening guitar riff on Star Tribute to the Eyes of the World-meets-Santana groove of Cities on a Page to the swirling organ and soaring guitar on the closing Solid Ground, this band generates a comfortable, classic rock feel that will quickly grow on you.


Borrowing from jam bands like the Allman Brothers Band, Phish, and the Grateful Dead, the Mushroom Chiefs lay down some serious grooves that are guaranteed to move your feet! Each guitar solo from Jeff Blakeman glides with ease over the solid rhythm of bassist Pat Kehs and drummer Doug McKalip. Adan Schwartz, who is no longer with the group, provides some tasty organ and piano fills throughout the disc, often sounding a lot like Brent Mydland. starstar



1 Star: Pitiful
2 Stars: Listenable
3 Stars: Respectable
4 Stars: Excellent
5 Stars: Can't Live Without It!!


Copyright 1997 The Music Box