Meat Purveyors - More Songs about Buildings and Cows

Meat Purveyors
More Songs about Buildings and Cows


First Appeared at The Music Box, September 1999, Volume 6, #9

Written by John Metzger


It's not often that songs by Bill Monroe (Can't You Hear Me Callin') and Lou Reed (What Goes On) appear on the same disc. Nevertheless, that pretty much defines the music that The Meat Purveyors deliver on their latest release More Songs about Buildings and Cows.

On songs like Clean Slate and We Kill Evil, the group manages to push bluegrass at such a rapid-fire pace that it's best described by the term "punkgrass." Yet, they manage to incorporate gospel (Working on a Building) and a bit of country-blues (Hanged Man) into their sound as well.

Certainly the best thing that the band has going for themselves is mandolinist Pete Stiles, whose lively runs of notes are handled with fluid dexterity. His playing helps bring the fourteen songs on this disc to life and gives the rest of the group something off which to build. starstarstar

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