Blueground Undergrass - Col. Bruce Hampton

Skipper's Smokehouse - Tampa, FL

July 20, 2008

A Photo Journal by George Weiss

First Appeared in The Music Box, July 2008, Volume 15, #7

Sat July 26, 2008, 01:00 PM CDT


Both Col. Bruce Hampton and Blueground Undergrass have huge followings in the Southeastern portion of the United States. To see these two veteran acts unite for a concert within the relatively intimate confines of Skipper's Smokehouse, as they did on July 20, surely was viewed as a delicious treat by jam band fans. Hampton has been recording and performing music for 45 years, and The Quark Alliance, his latest outfit, has been making waves everywhere East of the Mississippi of late. Blueground Undergrass was reborn and revitalized by its 2006 set Faces, which features a sterling cover of the Grateful Dead's Black Muddy River.

Kris Dale from Quark Alliance - July 20, 2008Col. Bruce Hampton

Perry Osborn with The Quark AllianceBlueground Undergrass' Jeff Mosier and Quark Alliance's Kris Dale

Skipper's Smokehouse - Blueground Undergrass' Jeff Mosier and Quark Alliance's Kris Dale

Kris Dale Poses for a Photo

Mark Van Allen and Blueground Undergrass

Jeff Mosier with Blueground Undergrass - Skipper's SmokehouseJohnny Mosier with Blueground Undergrass

Jeff Mosier and Kyle Spark

Johnny Mosier with Blueground Undergrass at Skipper's Smokehouse

Jeff Mosier and David Blackmon

Blueground Undergrass with Guest Guitarist Perry Osborn


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