Pearl Jam - Vitalogy

Pearl Jam


First Appeared at The Music Box, August 1995, Volume 2, #7

Written by John Metzger


Pearl Jam just keeps getting better and better. Vitalogy is the group's most polished performance to date. Yet, it still manages to capture the energy of the band's earlier releases. Singer/songwriter Eddie Vedder, clearly the inspiration for the group, has obviously thought long and hard about what happened to friend Kurt Cobain. Vitalogy is the end result of his meditation and deliberation.

Pearl Jam, often criticized as being a commercialized result of the media focus on the Seattle grunge scene, has more than proven it is here to stay. From the pounding glimpse of death in Last Exit, to the punk-influenced examination of heroin addiction in Spin the Black Circle to the soulful cry for victims of spousal abuse in Better Man, Vitalogy offers a depressing, but honest look at the dark side of life. starstarstarstar

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