The Prom Kings - self-titled

The Prom Kings
The Prom Kings

(Three Kings)

First Appeared in The Music Box, August 2005, Volume 12, #8

Written by Michael Cooney


In a music industry that is often too eager to reward mediocrity, The Prom Kings rapidly is earning a reputation as "the real thing." The bandís first single Alone spent 18 weeks in the Top 20 of Billboardís Active Rock chart. Over the past several months, vocalist Chris Carney, guitarist Joey Hollearn, drummer Luke Pickerill, and bass player Mauricio Brandao have electrified crowds from coast to coast with their intensely kinetic, kick-ass, live performances.

So, who exactly is The Prom Kings? Imagine filling a musical blender with equal parts Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit. Now, throw in a dash of Staind and a smidgen of Muse. The final concoction would resemble The Prom Kingsí self-titled debut. Hi-fidelity anthems such as Birthday and Down are sure to shake a few dance floors, and the latter song earns the group some street cred thanks to a guest appearance from rap superstar The Game. Even so, The Prom Kings is more than just another party band, and unlike many acts, these guys arenít superficial. They actually can play their instruments, and they craft lyrics that are raw and intelligently honest. Carney, in particular, displays remarkable vocal skill as he effortlessly transforms himself track after track, moving from the sly lustfulness of Blow to the haunting tear-out-your-guts passion of Better Man and Bleeding. Simply put, The Prom Kings is proving constantly that it can rock as hard as just about any other band on the planet. With pumping bass-lines, speaker-popping power chords, and the occasional hip-hop inspired beat, this Los Angles-based foursome has succeeded spectacularly in creating a powerful and compelling taste of what modern rock should be. starstarstar Ĺ

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