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Pitty Sing
Pitty Sing


First Appeared in The Music Box, January 2005, Volume 12, #1

Written by T.J. Simon


The Boston-based foursome Pitty Sing delivers stadium-sized rock while channeling the ghosts of the í80s alternative pop scene. The bandís self-titled debut consistently sounds like a lost album from Simple Minds ó particularly on the discís strongest track Radio. Old-fashioned keyboards and hook-y guitars permeate the album on winning numbers such as Hanging on Me and CTWYL. Shades of Oingo Boingo shine through the swirling synths of Telephone, and singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Holmes has more than one a-ha moment on the lavishly-produced Weíre on Drugs.

While Pitty Singís influences are transparent, the group successfully avoids sounding like a tired tribute band performing outdated material. This is largely because the music of OMD, Talk Talk, and Tears for Fears always has been a lot of fun. Furthermore, there arenít many ensembles currently mining the same terrain as Pitty Sing, and this makes the collective a unique and welcome addition to todayís pop-rock landscape. At 14 tracks, the self-titled disc should have shed some of its fat ó Robots and Motherlover immediately come to mind ó but Pitty Sing is aiming pretty high at a difficult target. Fortunately for the listener, this debut hits the bullís-eye more often than not. starstarstar Ĺ

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