The Colour - Between Earth & Sky

The Colour
Between Earth & Sky


First Appeared in The Music Box, January 2007, Volume 14, #1

Written by John Metzger


Over the course of two EPs, The Colour has been searching for the right sonic architecture for its songs. Its debut EP The Colour Are Out & About was steeped in the synthetic sounds of new wave, and the anguished wail provided by front man Wyatt Hull closely resembled the cries of The Cureís Robert Smith. On its follow-up set Devilís Got a Holda Me, the Orange County-based quintet had shifted gears and moved backward in time to embrace the blues-and-rock constructs of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Not surprisingly, The Colourís latest effort Between Earth & Sky attempts to find the common ground between its previous forays. The problem, however, is that the group is so blatant about nicking ideas from its influences that itís impossible to determine what exactly it brings to the table on its own.

On the opening cut Canít You Hear It Call, for example, the collective essentially crafts new lyrics for the Rolling Stonesí Brown Sugar and claims the tune as its own. Elsewhere, The Colourís appropriations are dispatched in a stealthier fashion, though they also remain readily apparent. Jumping Jack Flash and Gimme Shelter serve as the template for Youíre a Treasure; Kill the Lights borrows from The Smiths; and on Just a Taste and Devilís Got a Holda Me, Hull does a picture perfect impression of Robert Plant, and he even incorporates bits of Led Zeppelinís Rock and Roll into the latter track. In the end, itís hard to shake the notion that The Colour is still searching for its own identity, and although on Between Earth & Sky it does a tremendous job of paying homage to its heroes, it never manages to rise above them. starstar Ĺ

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