House, M.D.: Original Television Soundtrack

House, M.D.:
Original Television Soundtrack


First Appeared in The Music Box, February 2008, Volume 15, #2

Written by Melissa Stroh

Mon February 18, 2008, 09:00 AM CST


Even though the cast may seem alien these days, the music of Foxís hit TV show House, M.D. is unmistakable. Not surprisingly, its first compilation soundtrack is filled with dramatic narrative and quirky tunes, which any fan of the program surely can appreciate and place.

Massive Attackís Teardrop ó House, M.D.ís distinctive theme song ó does a nice job of drawing listeners into the soundtrack album. At just the right moment, after the sound of a heartbeat builds to a crescendo, the groupís lead vocalist breaks the silence with her fragile voice. Although the lyrics themselves have little to do with the drama of the television program, the music will be linked forever to the image of Hugh Laurie walking down a hospital corridor, cane in hand.

House, M.D.ís soundtrack continues with a slew of distinguishing tracks that are rich with imagery and storytelling. By connecting the viewers with the characters through music, these tunes have helped immensely to turn House, M.D. into a successful drama. Many of the songs feature the warm sound of an acoustic guitar, thus providing the sort of connection that also allows the material to work well outside the scope of the program. Considering the wealth of memorable stories that are told within the tunesí lyrics, listeners cannot resist the urge to become invested in following them to their conclusions. For instance, Michael Pennís Walter Reed tells a compelling tale about removing oneself from an old situation and moving on. Penn sings, "Make no mistake Iím mad/íCause every good thing Iíve had/Abandoned me."

While acoustic guitars are in abundance throughout the House, M.D. soundtrack, other components also are used to evoke a dramatic air. Throughout the album, for example, odd sounds are sprinkled through the arrangements. In addition, artists use strings as well as background and guest vocalists to create emotional tension in their work.

As most fans of House, M.D. know, the series isnít entirely about drama; it contains plenty of humor as well. This mixture shines through the soundtrack. The lighter side of the program is reflected by Joe Cockerís classic rendition of Feeliní Alright and Band From TVís cover of the Rolling Stonesí You Canít Always Get What You Want. Overall, the material that has supported the storylines on House, M.D. has been chosen well, and consequently, this endeavor provides a good representation of the program itself. starstarstar

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