Spookie Daly Pride - Medicine Chest

Spookie Daly Pride
Medicine Chest


First Appeared in The Music Box, October 2005, Volume 12, #10

Written by T.J. Simon


Spookie Daly Pride is an oddball, soul-and-rock-infused foursome that is based in Boston and led by singer and keyboard player "Spookie" Daly. His baritone voice generally recalls Dr. John, and during his more restrained moments (Cool Watershed), his delivery can be pleasantly moving. Too often, however, the band strays into the territory of novelty songs, and these range from being clever (The Personal Ad Song) to simply infantile (The Bumpiní Uglies Song, Boogity Man). Elsewhere, Daly evokes the sound of quirky roots-rocker Webb Wilder on the high-quality tune Smacktalkiní Smacktalker Smacked for Talkiní Smack, but his other moments in the same vein (My Fancy Pants, Tie-Dyed Tan) are substantially less successful. The albumís best track is the genuinely heartfelt ballad Hope to Hold, but much of the disc proves to be difficult to digest. Fans of quirky rock, eccentric singing, and unconventional chord changes ó think Primus ó might enjoy Medicine Chest, but Spookie Daly Pride is just too peculiar to appeal to the masses. starstar Ĺ

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