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Scotty Huff ó Making His Mark

First Appeared at The Music Box, May 2004, Volume 11, #5

Written by Irene Tsobanakis


Musical talent comes in many shapes and sizes. In this case, it takes the form of Scotty Huff, a native of Maine whose multi-talented persona has garnered him well-deserved success within the music industry.

Born into a musical family, Huff picked up the trumpet at the age of 10 and his first guitar by the age of 12. Soon afterwards, he was asked to perform with a friendís band at a summer music festival, where he played guitar and sang back-up vocals. He was paid $20. "I loved it," recalls Huff. "Not long after that, I played trumpet in a well-known Maine big-band and made $50. I was really moving up!"


After attending the University of Southern Maine where he earned a Bachelor's degree in music education, Huff then earned an Associates degree in computer technology from Southern Maine Technical College. Through it all, he continued performing with a number of different ensembles that dabbled in a variety of genres from folk rock to salsa to jazz. He worked in the computer industry for awhile, but after being dubbed, "Scotty Huff, the computer guy," as opposed to the much preferred, "Scotty Huff, the musician," he decided that it was time to delve deeper into music. And so he did.

After his move to Nashville in 1997, Huff hooked up with The Mavericks, a well-known, country-oriented, roots-rock band. For the next three years, he toured with the group as lead trumpet player in The Havanna Horns while also assisting as a singer and arranger.

One of his fondest memories is when he performed with The Mavericks in 1998 at the Princeís Trust Concert at Hyde Park in London. "There were over 100,000 people there, a whole sea of people, and they were all singing along and waving their arms. The crowd was as loud as we were," remembers Huff. "It was breathtaking!"

Since 2001, Huff has been playing guitar and banjo and singing harmonies as a part of Keith Urbanís band. He appears on Urbanís Golden Road, in addition to albums by other artists, including The Mavericks (Super Colossal Smash Hits of the í90s), K.T. Oslin (Live Close By), David Mead (Luxury of Time), and Swag (Catchall).

Currently, Huff is celebrating the release of his long-awaited, first solo project Assorted. The set is an eloquent display of musical versatility and emotion as conveyed through the body and soul of Huff ó singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist ó and his music transcends the boundaries that delineate the traditional and contemporary musical genres. His songwriting is influenced by many different elements, such as relationships, types of weather, certain cities, and personal experiences, and when inspiration hits, he turns to his digital recorder that he carries with him. If convenient, he picks up a guitar and a notebook.

"Bethany is a special song to me because itís a true story about a friend who committed suicide," Huff explains.

"I Can't Find You is another one thatís close to me," he continues. "My son was just getting old enough to notice when I wasnít home. It was hard enough to be away from him and his mother, but when I learned he was looking around for me, it broke my heart. Hence, a song!"

Huff finds his biggest hurdles are "time and money, just like everybody else."  The encouragement he receives from his family, however, helps him to focus. "I've got the best wife and child anyone could ever wish for," he boasts. "They are very supportive and wouldn't want me to do anything else."

While on a break from touring, Huff focuses on writing and performing in support of his solo career. He also has teamed up with Joe Smyth of Sawyer Brown and Robert Reynolds of The Mavericks to conduct what he calls "music clinics" at high schools across the State of Maine. "Itís about bringing awareness of the music business to the kids and showing them that even young children in the most remote areas of Maine can be successful in whatever they choose to do, no matter how distant their dream may seem," he explained.

Unrelenting ambition runs deep in the veins of Scotty Huff. With his portrayal of different musical styles, his desire to educate todayís youth, and his commendable accomplishments within his chosen profession, he has truly made his mark in the world.


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