Sonny Landreth - The Road We're On

Sonny Landreth
The Road We're On

(Sugar Hill)

First Appeared at The Music Box, March 2003, Volume 10, #3

Written by John Metzger


There’s no question that Sonny Landreth is a phenomenally talented guitarist, and like most of his proficiently gifted peers, his albums often sound like sterile representations of his concerts. The problem is that his recordings never latch onto the raw firepower of his live performances, nor do they incorporate the emotional beauty necessary to make the trimmed down, studio renditions truly work.

The Road We’re On, Landreth’s eighth album, attempts to correct all this with its live-in-the-studio feel, and to this end it achieves a modicum of success. The disc’s twelve tracks are firmly rooted in the blues, even as Landreth and his band whip them through the sights and sounds of New Orleans. Although his vocals are a bit one-dimensional at times, his slide guitar wizardry is simply first-rate. Much of The Road We’re On benefits from a raw, edginess not found on his previous outings, with the title track, Fallin’ for You, and Ol’ Lady Luck being most notable. In the end, however, one can’t help but to imagine how Landreth undoubtedly dives head-first into these songs in concert, pushing them beyond their natural limits and into something spectacular and mind-boggling. As a result, rather than becoming anything more, The Road We’re On is merely a modest, albeit solid, effort. starstarstar ˝

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