South San Gabriel - Welcome, Convalescence

South San Gabriel
Welcome, Convalescence


First Appeared at The Music Box, May 2003, Volume 10, #5

Written by John Metzger


For those souls impatiently biding time until the release of the next Radiohead album, here’s some welcome news to tide you over: South San Gabriel’s latest disc Welcome, Convalescence very well may be the next best thing. It’s an ambitious effort, full of claustrophobic soundscapes merged with dark, poetic lyrics about dissolving relationships and death. For the record, the band does struggle at times to keep its momentum going, and as a result, the latter portion of the disc does become mired in its own bleakness. But the rest is so breathtakingly perfect, it’s hard to resist its sullen charms.

Take, for example, the opening track New Brookland. An organ drones as guitars begin to filter through the song’s dusky terrain; a pedal steel weeps gently from above with angelic beauty; lyrically, a car veers off-course, plunging its way into a lake; and through the music, one can feel the soft laps of water caressing the shore. Likewise, asphyxiation from a gas leak is turned into a lazy lullaby, replete with sound effects that ominously portend the approaching doom of the tune’s inhabitants. The rest of the songs drift by with a similar dreamy style that cloaks swirling, nightmarish horrors within a soothing, calm veneer.

Elements of the Tragically Hip and Pearl Jam are scattered effectively here and there throughout Welcome, Convalescence and equally strong is a clear correlation to Wilco’s momentous Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Yet, it’s Radiohead that most frequently comes to mind. Better still, South San Gabriel does more than merely emulate the sounds of its influences. Frequently, the group succeeds in matching them note for note, emotion for emotion by fitting words and music hand in hand to make mini-movies of aural grandeur. starstarstar ˝

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