The M's - self-titled

The M's
The M's


First Appeared at The Music Box, June 2004, Volume 11, #6

Written by T.J. Simon


The classic sound of British Invasion rock (ŗ la The Kinks and The Zombies) is alive and well in Chicago courtesy of The Mís. Loose and rough-hewn with a DIY aesthetic, the ensemble features a trio of mostly falsetto singers on its eponymous debut, which frequently recalls White Album-era Beatles. From the psychedelic mushroom trip of Banishment of Love to the Bowie glam of 2x2, the quartet squarely hits the target on each of the dozen original tracks ó all of which were recycled from The Mís various EPs, though at times, the bandís vocalists (Josh Chicoine, Robert Hicks, and Joey King) remind the listener of contemporary indie rockers The Shins or The White Stripes.

The better tracks are Riverside, which features terrific harmonies, and The End Is the A, which cycles along a superb drum loop, but even the Queen-inspired Break Our Bones has a commendable vocal performance in a restrained 2 Ĺ-minute package. The albumís only low point is Maggie, a Velvet Underground homage that just doesnít fly as a studio track, although one can imagine it sounding exceptional in a live setting, especially when performed by musicians as talented as The Mís have proven to be. starstarstar

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