Woodstock '94, Part Four

Spin Doctors - Porno for Pyros - Green Day

August 13-14, 1994

First Appeared in The Music Box, March 1995, Volume 2, #3

Written by John Metzger


Sunday's incredible line-up of musicians continued as the Spin Doctors took the stage, looking noticeably tired after its long ride from Chicago. While most of the songs sounded uninspired, basically because the group retains the same set list from night to night, the middle of the show contained excellent versions of Off My Line, which could fit into any Phish show, How Could You Want Him, and Refrigerator Car. The band's encore was a decent version of Woodstock which the ensemble had debuted the day before in Chicago.


Perry Farrell's latest creation, Porno for Pyros, provided quite a contrast to the Spin Doctors. Farrell's music and stage persona owes quite a bit to Jim Morrison. You can never know what to expect from Farrell, and he chose Woodstock 94 to put on quite a spectacle, which undoubtedly fried the minds of those embarking on psychedelic journeys. Performing mostly new material, Porno for Pyros plowed through a number of rather dark songs complete with a choreographed show containing strippers, a mime, and a gory fake suicide.

Future superstars Green Day also performed Sunday afternoon, playfully thrashing through a number of its songs, including Welcome To Paradise, Chump, Longview, and When I Come Around. During its set, the band started a mudfight with the audience, which left quite a mess for the clean-up crew.

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