WXRT's Gift to Chicago

Blues Traveler - Willy Porter

Vic Theatre - Chicago

March 31, 1995

First Appeared in The Music Box, April 1995, Volume 2, #4

Written by John Metzger


Local radio station WXRT put together a fabulous, although crowded, private party at the Vic Theater in Chicago on March 31 that featured Blues Traveler, the Willy Porter Band, and opening act Dark Horses. The weak point of the night was the latter ensemble, which was absolutely boring. Fortunately, when the Willy Porter Band took the stage, the evening improved immensely. Hailing from Wisconsin, Porter delivered an amazing blend of acoustic bluegrass and pop. His single Angry Words has been getting some airplay on WXRT of late, but without the polish of a recording studio, these he is a true delight.

Blues Traveler also put on quite a performance which quickly kicked into high gear with a perfectly positioned Crash Burn as the filling for a Dropping Some NYC sandwich. A few rarities made appearances on this special night, including The Best Part and Bagheera. Both sounded a little rusty, but were quite welcome to hear. The show was a high-energy affair as the group plowed through song after song including Stand, The Mountains Win Again, and Slow Change. If no one was tired by the end of this show, the intense encore was the icing on the cake. The band dove into a very lengthy Go Outside & Drive that contained snippets of a half dozen other songs and contained the catchy Run Around. All in all, it turned out to be quite an incredible show.

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