Bruce Springsteen - The Rising

Bruce Springsteen
The Rising


T.J. Simon's #1 album for 2002

First Appeared at The Music Box, February 2003, Volume 10, #2

Written by T.J. Simon


Astoundingly, it became a bit of a sport for rock critics to dump on Bruce Springsteenís 2002 release The Rising. The media apparently was disappointed that Springsteen didnít simply re-record Born To Run for his long-awaited reunion with The E Street Band. Well, trust me folks ó you donít want to hear a 53-year-old millionaire sing about how he canít wait to get his car working so he can escape small town life with his high school sweetheart. On The Rising, instead of treading previously trampled ground, Springsteen gives us fifteen mature selections on loss, hope, and redemption. The band does a wonderful job of supporting The Boss through fantastic instrumentation and gospel-tinged vocals, particularly on Into the Fire and My City of Ruins. The joy exuded on the track Maryís Place recalls the glory days of classic Springsteen fan favorites such as Rosalita. The record label sold this one as his 9/11 album even though Springsteen chose not to make overt references to the specific tragedies in his lyrics. When viewed through the prism of terror, the songs take on extra weight. But had the towers not fallen, the universal truths would remain. Disregard the naysayers, pick up this album, and decide for yourself. starstarstarstarstar


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