Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation

Jefferson Airplane
Crown of Creation

(RCA/BMG Heritage)

The Music Box's #7 specialty package for 2003

First Appeared at The Music Box, September 2003, Volume 10, #9

Written by John Metzger


Crown of Creation, Jefferson Airplaneís fourth album in two years, found the group mired in a state of transition, pulling back somewhat from the freak-out of After Bathing at Baxterís, but not really mirroring the impeccable pop sensibility of Surrealistic Pillow. At the time, Paul Kantner had begun to wrestle with dark, science fiction-oriented themes, and these pop up within both the title track as well as the thunderous closer House at Pooneil Corners. Increasingly political in nature, the band spent much of Crown of Creation exploring themes and ideas that would come more fully to fruition on later projects, leaving the album sounding, at times, a little bit disjointed. Thatís not to say that the collection wasnít a good one for it certainly contained many terrific songs. Lather explored the loss of innocence; If You Feel injected a bit of levity with its funky bounce and "live in the moment" lyrics; the title track was a powerful indictment of American culture as well as a call for change; and In Time served as an intoxicating precursor to Wooden Ships. As for Grace Slickís rendering of the David Crosby-penned Triad ó it was dead-on perfect. Nevertheless, the tracks just didnít hang together quite as well as those on the bandís previous two efforts, and Crown of Creation instead sounded more like a collection of songs than a fully cohesive album. Unfortunately, the bonus tracks featured on the new release arenít really essential: a monophonic single rendition of Share a Little Joke, the aural collages Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum and Would You Like a Snack?, and the previously unreleased oddity The Saga of Sydney Spacepig. starstarstarstar

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