Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily

Natalie Merchant


First Appeared at The Music Box, January/February 1996, Volume 3, #1

Written by John Metzger


Natalie Merchant has certainly made good on her departure from 10,000 Maniacs, even if her first solo album Tigerlily merely hints at the final masterpiece she recorded with her former group. While all the songs on the effort are solid, many merely mimic what became the Maniac's signature folk-pop sound. Still, there are a few choice nuggets here, such as the 8-minute epic I May Know the Word.  Another strong outing is River, a reflective mourning for River Phoenix that also could be viewed in a broader light, one that examines the dysfunctional American society that has caused the passing of River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, and many other talented young artists.  Also of note is the powerful electric guitar played by Jennifer Turner that underscores much of the effort. starstarstar


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1 Star: Pitiful
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