Little Feat - The Best of Little Feat

Little Feat
The Best of Little Feat


First Appeared in The Music Box, November 2006, Volume 13, #11

Written by John Metzger


Little Feat recorded six studio albums and one monumental live effort (Waiting for Columbus) before its guiding force Lowell George called it quits in 1979. A few months later, while in the midst of a solo tour, he died of a heart attack, leaving behind a handful of incomplete recordings that he had made with the band. Although Little Featís surviving members turned the tapes into Down on the Farm and compiled a series of outtakes, demos, and live cuts for Hoy Hoy!, the ensemble essentially lay dormant until its improbable resurrection on 1988ís Let It Roll. Since then, the reformulated group has toured virtually nonstop, while producing several solid, if inferior, studio endeavors as well as a truckload of archival and contemporary concert documents.

Little Featís latest effort The Best of Little Feat is designed specifically to bridge the entirety of the outfitís career, but although its end goal is noble, the albumís execution is suspect. Not only are quintessential songs such as Easy to Slip, Skin It Back, and the title tunes from Sailiní Shoes and Feats Donít Fail Me Now missing from the set, but also notably absent are the latter day nuggets Hate to Lose Your Loviní and Texas Twister. Given that more than half of its material ó including the intoxicating, back-roads country of Williní; the slow, soulful blues of Roll Um Easy; and the New Orleans-imbued funk of Fat Man in the Bathtub ó was culled from the brilliant outings Sailiní Shoes, Dixie Chicken, and Waiting for Columbus, the 17-track The Best of Little Feat, nonetheless, effectively highlights the disparate, stylistic jumble that defined the bandís quirky perspective as well as its rather unique sound. starstarstar Ĺ


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