Trout Fishing in America - My Best Day

Trout Fishing in America
My Best Day


First Appeared in The Music Box, January 2007, Volume 14, #1

Written by John Metzger


Musically speaking, it’s a great time to be a parent. Over the course of the past decade, numerous artists — from Brady Rymer to Justin Roberts and from Laurie Berkner to Dan Zanes — have changed gears, opting to make albums aimed at children rather than at adults. Their approaches, however, have remained the same, which is what has made their efforts so appealing.

Trout Fishing in America was one of the first outfits to pave the way for the revitalization of the children’s music market. Bass player Keith Grimwood and guitarist Ezra Idlet founded the group in 1979. Although its success initially came slowly, it nevertheless has managed to amass a sizeable following over the years for its independently issued endeavors. The collective recently landed a Grammy nomination for My Best Day, its most recent outing, and immediately upon hearing the collection it is easy to understand why.

The entirety of My Best Day was recorded in concert on February 11, 2006 in Conway, Arkansas, and throughout its lighthearted performance, Trout Fishing in America, with the help of multi-instrumentalist Fred Bogert, demonstrated its eclectic but wholly pop-oriented approach. While the title track is rooted in the world beat rhythms of Paul Simon’s Graceland, other songs (such as My Hair Had a Party Last Night and It’s a Puzzle) are imbued with the free-spirited playfulness of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebration. Although its messages are positive, they also are delivered subtly, and sometimes Trout Fishing in America simply revels in its family-oriented humor. Strange as it may seem, a few of the tunes on My Best Day would work remarkably well within the context of albums by Barenaked Ladies (Alberta Postcard) and Leftover Salmon (Murrell’s and Beans and Weenies). starstarstar ˝

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