Sluts of Trust - We Are All Sluts of Trust

Sluts of Trust
We Are All Sluts of Trust

(Chemikal Underground)

First Appeared in The Music Box, November 2004, Volume 11, #11

Written by Brad Podray


We Are All Sluts of Trust might just be the elusive soundtrack from that hazy, nearly forgotten night at the pub. By traversing a vast landscape that shifts from the hangover lows of Dominoes to the unbridled fury of Meanwhile in Rockville, Sluts of Trust has created a gritty, energy-filled album with an organic edge that goes a long way towards rectifying the problems with todayís cookie-cutter, pop-rock formula. Elsewhere, some very unique melodies rear their heads ó during the thoroughly entertaining Pirate Weekend, for example ó and throughout the collection, Sluts of Trustís song structure offers enough diversity to remain entertaining to both avid musicians and casual listeners, largely because of the occasional nod to Faith No Moreís enigmatic bass player Mike Patton that blares through the material. The big problem, then, with We Are All Sluts of Trust is that the group doesnít push very many boundaries. After all, Sluts of Trust certainly isnít the first ensemble to toss crazy lyrics over a lo-fi, bar-rock beat. While its songs arenít predictable, they arenít wildly eye-opening either, and each track maintains its mid-level plateau without ever reaching for something higher. In essence, We Are All Sluts of Trust is a worthy excursion for those fans of hard-driving, indie-esque bands like The White Stripes, but itís bound to be a disappointment for everyone else. starstarstar

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