The Black Crowes - Lions

The Black Crowes


First Appeared in The Music Box, October 2001, Volume 8, #10

Written by Joseph O. Patton


First, allow me to admit my bias I love The Black Crowes. I've been a fan since they first seized the public ear in 1990 with Shake Your Money Maker, and I believe that they brought rock 'n' roll back to life with such tunes as Twice as Hard and Jealous Again. The group's latest release Lions does not disappoint. Though a bit edgier than some of their previous material, the CD still has soul and plenty of material that simply states: "Go forth and groove."

Lions kicks down the door with the rockin' Midnight from the Inside Out and keeps the pace with Lickin' a tune built around some interesting word play. Come On is is a sure-to-be anthem, Ozone Mama brings on an irresistible urge to dance, and on Soul Singing the Black Crowes crank out a song that makes you wanna throw your hands up and yell louder than any church-goer in a Southern Baptist congregation.

As for the rest of Lions, it is comprised of a very healthy mix of pure rock, blues, groove tunes along with some slower selections. This is the very reason I've sworn allegiance to the Crowes: The band has an undeniable ability to keep things balanced. Its members can rock with the best of the heavier bands; they can groove smoother than any of the Woodstock hippy types; and they can belt out a ballad as well as any drunk and bitter country band. I'm going to stick myself out there in the ugly face of today's pop music and state that Lions is one of the best albums of the year. starstarstar


Joseph O. Patton is the editor and publisher of Montgomery,
Alabama's Capital City Free Press.


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