Cosmically Conscious Charities

This page last updated on April 6, 2007.


On Paul McCartney's Off the Ground album, he invited everyone to be cosmically conscious. We support all of these organizations. Please visit them, and join at least one!

bullet Since Hurricane Katrina wreaked widespread devastation upon New Orleans and the surrounding communities, countless companies have promised funding of the relief efforts based upon sales of their products.  However, the best manner for individuals to make a difference is to make a direct donation to charity.  There are countless organizations collecting funds to assist with the relief efforts, and Charity Navigator can help you determine which charities will put your money to the best use.

bullet The African Wildlife Foundation protects the wild animals in Africa, such as elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, gorillas, and cheetahs. AWF works not only to conserve the wild animals but the savannahs and mountain forests that they inhabit.

bullet The Crossroads Centre of Antigua rehabilitation facility provides treatment for chemically dependent individuals. It was conceived by Eric Clapton and was initially funded by the auction of his guitars and through benefit concerts.

bullet Defenders of Wildlife is celebrating 50 years of protecting wildlife species and habitats. When they started, their focus was to protect coyotes and other furred animals from steel-jawed leghold traps and poisons. They now have more than 200,000 members and defend all wildlife species and habitats because all wildlife is interconnected.

bullet The Gorilla Foundation has been working with Koko the Gorilla and utilizing their experiences to teach mankind just how intelligent gorillas are. Currently, gorillas in Africa are threatened by the bushmeat trade. The Gorilla Foundation is planning an extensive public education program to reverse the current trends.

bullet HeadCount is a non-partisan organization devoted to increase voter registration and participation.

bullet Honor the Earth uses music, the media, and the arts to assist native communities in their fight to protect the environment.

bullet In Defense of Animals fights to to end the exploitation and abuse of animals.

bullet The mission of the Marine Mammal Center is to recognize our interdependence with marine mammals and our responsibility to use our awareness, compassion and intelligence to ensure their survival and the conservation of their habitat.

bullet The Natural Resources Defense Council's mission is to preserve the environment, protect the public health, and ensure the conservation of wilderness and natural resources.

bullet People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals speaks for those who can't. Animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures just like you and I. They are not for us to exploit.

bullet The Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine joins doctors and others together in order to promote compassionate and effective medical practice and research. This site includes some very interesting articles that make the case for a vegetarian diet. Also included are lists of private health foundations that refuse funding for animal research.

bullet The SETI @ Home project joins together a broad network of internet-connected computers to create a supercomputer capable of analyzing vast amounts of data for the purpose of detecting radio signals emanating from intelligent life outside outside Earth.

bullet The World Wildlife Fund is one of the leading organizations protecting threatened wildlife and the habitats that they need to survive. The World Wildlife Fund is part of the international WWF network, which has national organizations or representatives in more than 50 countries across five continents.


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