The Beatles

Rarities, Outtakes, Demos

First Appeared in The Music Box, September/October 1994, Volume 1, #4

Written by John Metzger


This month's installment of our bootleg series covers a compilation of material by The Beatles, and given the quality of the featured selections, it raises the question as to just what else might be lurking within the archives. There are plenty of alternate takes here of many of the band's most popular tunes, including a very psychedelic version of Tomorrow Never Knows. As if the album version isn't enough, this one is just different enough to make one wonder which way is up. Also included is a beautiful acoustic version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. This version has a very intimate and totally different ambience. Dear Prudence has an odd voice-over at the end of the song which sheds a little more light on this tune's origin, and Strawberry Fields Forever contains a cool, psychedelic jam tacked onto the end of it.


In addition, the tape features several unreleased tunes, including a total rip-off of Buddy Holly that is titled I'll Be On My Way, and the very strange What's the New Mary Jane?. There's hardly a flaw on the tape with the exception of a very poor version of Yes It Is, which only shows that John, Paul, George, and Ringo were human. It's apparent they were totally trashed during the recording of this one.

Editor's Note: The material on this set was scattered among the various releases associated with the Anthology series.


Set List

Side 1: Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Demo), Tomorrow Never Knows,
A Day in the Life, Yes It Is (Rehearsal), I Saw Her Standing
There (Take 10), Norwegian Wood (Take 1), Not Guilty, Across the
Universe, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Acoustic), Ticket To Ride,
Come and Get It (Demo), Hold Me Tight, I'll Be On My Way (Unreleased
Original), Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 7)

Side 2: It's All Too Much, 12 Bar Original (Unreleased Instrumental),
I Hate To See (Unreleased Original), She's A Woman (Take 7), What's
the New Mary Jane? (Unreleased Original), Dig It (Unedited Version),
Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill (Demo), Dear Prudence (Demo),
Revolution (Demo), Goodbye (Demo)


Copyright 1994 The Music Box