The Bella Fayes - Far from the Discos

The Bella Fayes
Far from the Discos

(Sissy Conspiracy)

First Appeared in The Music Box, July 2005, Volume 12, #7

Written by T.J. Simon


The Bella Fayes is a four-piece outfit from Portland, Oregon with a sound that marries British invasion rock with modern day, indie punk-pop. The group’s new album Far from the Discos is a giant leap forward from its enjoyable debut The Truth in a Beautiful Lie, and at its best moments, the music is every bit as good as that of similar contemporary bands including The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Ted Leo/Pharmacists.

The title track from Far from the Discos is the best of the bunch as The Bella Fayes adopts a posture reminiscent of the Rolling Stones at Mick Jagger’s cocky, cheeky, and rocking best. The music of The Kinks clearly provides inspiration to the tracks I Believe, If I Know You, and Keep It with Mine, and Ted Leo’s modern, wordy songcraft shares similarities with both Love and Back in Line. At times, The Bella Fayes veers too close for comfort to its influences. Sad Susie, for example, dangerously approaches being a note-for-note remake of David Bowie’s The Jean Genie.

On the other hand, clocking in at a mere 30 minutes in length, the ultra-tight, 10-song Far from the Discos has very little fat. In fact, the attempt at psychedelic rock Way Out Out There, is the only stinker on the entire disc. Otherwise, The Bella Fayes drives home the hooks with great economy and self-confidence throughout this pleasing, independent release. starstarstarstar

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