The TriChromes - Dice with the Universe

The TriChromes
Dice with the Universe

(33rd Street)

First Appeared in The Music Box, April 2002, Volume 9, #4

Written by John Metzger


George Harrison was the quiet Beatle; Bill Kreutzmann fit that role in the Grateful Dead. While his bandmates were involved in countless side projects, he held down the fort in silent fashion, choosing to make his statement via his steadfast rhythm. Since the passing of Jerry Garcia and the splintering of the Grateful Dead, Kreutzmannís profile has remained low-key. After a brief retirement in Hawaii, he resurfaced with a band called Backbone, only to silently withdraw before the group picked up any speed.


Several years have now passed, and Kreutzmann once again has leapt into public view. His latest ensemble ó The TriChromes ó features Sy Klopps, Ralph Woodson, Ira Walker, and former Journey guitarist Neal Schon. The bandís debut effort is a three-song EP that begins right where Backbone ended. Two of the songs ó New Speedway Boogie and Tore Up Over You ó were recorded live and showcase Kreutzmannís penchant for roadhouse blues romps. The third and title track for the disc is a brand-new composition featuring lyrics by Robert Hunter and a pop-fueled melody by Schon and Walker. While initially it may seem a bit too radio-friendly, it is the type of song that creeps slowly into the subconscious, offering an intriguing counterpoint to the groupís jam-oriented excursions. starstar Ĺ



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