Buddy Miller - Midnight and Lonesome

Buddy Miller
Midnight and Lonesome


First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2002, Volume 9, #12

Written by John Metzger


It doesnít matter on which side of the country music fence you tend to find yourself sitting, youíre probably familiar with the work of Buddy Miller. His songs have been covered by country insiders like the Dixie Chicks and Lee Ann Womack, and heís spent time backing up country outsiders like Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, and Lucinda Williams. Itís no wonder, then, that his fifth album Midnight and Lonesome is such a stylistically scattered affair.

On the one hand, Miller turns The Everly Brothersí The Price of Love into a country rocker that strives for Earle but comes off closer to Tim McGraw. Likewise, Wild Card offers little beyond typically generic Nashville fare. But as Midnight and Lonesome progresses, it improves dramatically, veering from acoustic blues (Please Send Me Someone to Love) to country-funk (When It Comes to You) without hesitation. Tucked around these songs are several gorgeous ballads, including the heartbroken tear-jerker I Canít Get Over You; a haunted, road-weary rendition of Jesse Winchesterís A Showmanís Life; and a touching tribute to this past summerís mining near-disaster (Quecreek). Itís here where Midnight and Lonesome packs its greatest emotional resonance and becomes something more than just another country album. starstarstar Ĺ

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