Cave Catt Sammy - Love Me Like Crazy

Cave Catt Sammy
Love Me Like Crazy


T.J. Simon's #24 album for 2002

First Appeared at The Music Box, February 2003, Volume 10, #2

Written by T.J. Simon


Remember that short window of time when yuppies were into swing dancing? They bought zoot suits and crowded dance floors doing the Lindy Hop, saying "Daddy-O" to rockabilly music souped-up with horn sections and keyboards. The fickle scenesters were the same stockbrokers and legal secretaries who donned cowboy hats and spurs for the country line dancing craze ten years ago, and they will be the same buffoons who will end up in the emergency room during the inevitable breakdancing revival of 2005. The only good thing to come out of the swing dance fad of the mid-1990s was that a lot of really good rockabilly bands were able to make a few bucks and sell some albums. Cave Catt Sammy is a quartet from San Antonio that was probably too young to properly cash in on the yuppie swing fad, but on its third album Love Me Like Crazy, the band does a fine job of drawing from influences that include Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley & His Comets. Cave Catt Sammy doesn’t reinvent the rockabilly wheel, but there are a lot of enjoyable moments for fans of the genre including the throwback tunes Gonna Rock and Roll and Sticky Fingers. starstarstar ˝

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1 Star: Pitiful
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3 Stars: Respectable
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