Carbon Leaf - Indian Summer

Carbon Leaf
Indian Summer


T.J. Simon's #5 album for 2004

First Appeared in The Music Box, August 2004, Volume 11, #8

Written by T.J. Simon


Great Celtic rock can be found in the most unlikely locations. In this case, Richmond, Virginia has been the hiding place for a largely undiscovered band called Carbon Leaf. While R.E.M. is the most obvious influence pervading the songs on the bandís new album Indian Summer, itís clear that the ensemble has an appreciation of mid-í80s U.K. power pop groups, such as Tears For Fears, Crowded House, and Dream Academy. This crisp, yet familiar, musical approach can be attributed to the flawless production by Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker bossman David Lowery.

Carbon Leafís lead singer Barry Privitt has a vibrantly strong voice that soars through the most relentlessly optimistic lyrics this side of The Proclaimers. The album delivers so many magnificent moments that itís a difficult task to put a finger on any one favorite selection. An obvious choice is Let Your Troubles Roll By, an audio antidepressant with fiddles, drum loops, and acoustic guitars that easily qualifies as one of the yearís best tunes. With its unbridled lyrical buoyancy, This Is My Song! is another catchy contender, and although it takes a few minutes, even Paloma, the collectionís weakest cut, kicks into gear when Privittís Irish pennywhistle joins the jam. While Indian Summer may be the first non-self-released album in Carbon Leafís dozen year history, it wonít take long for the band to become well-known, thanks to both the wider distribution offered by a professional label as well as the high quality of the music crafted by the ensemble. starstarstarstar Ĺ

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1 Star: Pitiful
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5 Stars: Can't Live Without It!!


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