Dada Works Vic Crowd Into Frenzy

Vic Theatre - Chicago

Late 1994

First Appeared in The Music Box, December 1994, Volume 1, #6

Written by John Metzger


dada recently paid a visit to Chicago and put on a fine, although short, performance at the Vic Theater. The band, with its many musical influences and wonderfully harmonized vocals, proved that it was more than just another one-hit wonder.  Opening with a rather lethargic Dim, the group seemed terrible bored, but things quickly picked up speed as the ensemble flew through the B-52s-driven Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. This was embedded within The Kinks' So Tired, which was an odd but rather nice surprise.

Throughout the show, dada mixed things quite up well between its self-titled debut its latest effort American Highway Flower.  Most notable were versions of All I Am and Real Soon that smoked.  Bassist Joie Calio and Guitarist Michael Gurley were quite entertaining to watch as they energetically covered quite a bit of ground running back and forth across the stage. Surround, from the band's first album also contained quite a kick  and was driven by the Nirvana-like bass from Calio. Gurley also proved to be quite good, drawing on a number of influences, including 60s icon Jimi Hendrix.

It was no surprise that Dizz Knee Land ended the show a mere 80 minutes later. This version fell a little flat as dada became lost in its attempts to improvise and Calio forgot the opening lyrics. The band easily redeemed itself with a wonderful version of Dorina which contained some beautiful harmonization as well as a few impromtu jams.

Throughout the show, dada was joined by Rob Rule, guitarist for the opening band of the same name. While Rule was quite competent and very enjoyable on stage with dada, his own band's set seemed to drag on and contained little inspiration.

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