E.G. Kight - Southern Comfort

E.G. Kight
Southern Comfort

(Blue South)

First Appeared at The Music Box, November 2003, Volume 10, #11

Written by Michael Cooney


Thereís a lot to like about E.G. Kight. This "Georgia peach" blues woman is more than capable as a songwriter, and sheís an above-average blues guitarist. Her rich, compelling voice and easy-going southern drawl are part Bonnie Raitt, part Phoebe Snow, and with her new album Southern Comfort, all of her abilities are on display. She can coo and croon over heartbreak and loneliness with the best of them, and her guitar playing matches the misery in her vocals. Together, they cry out for redemption and relief on songs like Lucky in Love and Just One More. Indeed, many of the tracks on the album are lyrically B-level, but Kight finds ways to bring them to life.

For most of Southern Comfort, Kight seems to be an almost perfect blues songstress, and then there is her cover of the John Prine-penned classic Angel from Montgomery, made famous by Bonnie Raitt. Here, Kight actually does spectacular work with the song, and itís nearly as good as the original. In fact, itís too good, and as a result, the rest of the album seems dry and forgettable in comparison. While Southern Comfort is filled with Kightís talents, it also offers proof that she still has a lot to learn. starstarstar

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