John Hermann - Just Ain't Right

John Hermann
Just Ain't Right


First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2004, Volume 11, #12

Written by John Metzger


John Hermannís voice is certainly not his strongest suit. Approximating a poor manís Tom Petty in style, his nasally twang is an acquired taste that at first seems unruly and grating, but after awhile becomes an adequate, if not entirely potent weapon. Instead, itís Hermannís insatiable knack for crafting delectable pop melodies and the greasy, blues-hued grooves brought to bear by the North Mississippi Allstarsí Cody and Luther Dickinson that makes Just Ainít Right a worthwhile endeavor. Granted, none of the collectionís 12 tracks hold a candle to the epic craftsmanship proffered by his primary outlet Widespread Panic at the peak of its abilities, but on the driving fury of Here Lies Joseline and Weíre Goiní Out Tonight, Hermann proves that he and his side project are more than capable of raising quite a ruckus. Unfortunately, itís not all that good, and whenever the ensemble fails to ignite an inferno ó the airy, easy-going Whereíd Ya Go; the hazy, lazy circular swirl of Voice of Treason; or the soul-infused Meet Me Down in Port St. Lucie, for example ó the results are less than stellar. Still, Hermannís spicy keyboard textures combined with Luther Dickinsonís juke-joint ruminations make a majority of the tracks resonate with a seething intensity that bristles with an abundance of irresistible energy. starstar Ĺ

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