Long Tall Texan

Lyle Lovett - Rosemont Theater

November 15, 1996

First Appeared in The Music Box, January 1997, Volume 4, #1

Written by John Metzger


Lyle Lovett returned to town in November for a headlining gig at the intimate Rosemont Theater. Lovett brought his huge band which includes a horn section, electric guitar player, bass player, slide guitar player, fiddle player, and several backing vocalists. The stage was quite full, although only occasionally were all the members on stage at one time. Instead, throughout the show, a constant, but fluid churning of band members took place, allowing Lovett to conjure up a variety of musical environments.

Lovett's band is top-notch, and the group really has grown together to churn out some exiting performances. There's even a Hendrix-inspired cello solo thrown in for good measure. The focal point of the show, however, was Lovett's latest release The Road to Ensenada, which certainly is a career highpoint.

During his show at the Rosemont Theater, Lovett covered the span of his career in a two-hour performance that kept the audience in awe. Like Elvis Costello at his performance at Park West earlier this year, Lovett kept the audience's attention with his quick-witted humor and lyrics. It is quite a rarity these days for a performer to captivate a crowd for every single song in a show, but Lovett managed to pull it off with style.

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