Luna - Rendezvous



First Appeared in The Music Box, November 2004, Volume 11, #11

Written by John Metzger


Apparently, Lunaís seventh studio album Rendezvous is to be its last, and unfortunately, throughout the collectionís 11 tracks, one can hear the bandís foundation beginning to crack. Since its formation in 1991, Luna has been one of the finest purveyors of edgy dream-pop, but the urgency that once fueled its outings is missing from a majority of its latest release. Indeed, there isnít much to be found on Rendezvous that Luna didnít deliver in better fashion on its earlier efforts ó only on Buffalo Boots does the band truly unleash its full-fledged fury ó and in truth, its formula for re-crafting The Velvet Undergroundís catalogue simply has run out of steam. Thatís not to say that there arenít a few nuggets to be found among the selections. The opening Malibu Love Nest sparkles with its taut rhythms and tangled guitars; Cindy Tastes of Barbecue settles quite comfortably into its hazy, lazy groove; the ponderously disillusioned, late-night swirl of Motel Bambi drips with a lifetime full of sorrow and regret; and draped with wispy vocals and space-y effects, Star-Spangled Man is curiously hypnotic. While the rest of Rendezvous isnít going to disappoint Lunaís cult of fans, its languid and disconnected musings also arenít likely to excite those who arenít hooked already on its twin gems Penthouse and Bewitched. starstarstar


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