Tim Reynolds & Marcus Eaton
Soho - Santa Barbara, CA

November 14, 2007

A Photo Journal by Mark Davidson

First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2007, Volume 14, #12


On November 14, 2007, Marcus Eaton and Tim Reynolds teamed up for a concert at Soho, an intimate venue in Santa Barbara, California. Over the course of his set, Eaton made a stronger case for his devotion to Michael Hedges' output than he does on his new album Story of Now. Reynolds, meanwhile, delivered a lengthy set that boasted plenty of improvisational moments as well as a trio of Led Zeppelin covers (When the Levee Breaks, Kashmir, and The Rain Song).

Lyric Sheet for Cold Sweat

Tim Reynolds Performs a Soundcheck

Marcus Eaton Restrings His Guitar

Marcus Eaton Tests His Guitar

Tim Reynolds Performs Beneath the Stage Lights

Tim Reynolds Strikes a Chord.Tim Reynolds Sings.

Tim Reynolds Performs at Soho in Santa Barbara, California.Marcus Eaton Performs with Tim Reynolds.

Tim Reynolds Plays Guitar.

Tim Reynolds and Marcus Eaton - November 2007

Tim Reynolds and Marcus Eaton Have a Great Time at Soho.


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