The Killdares at the Palace Theatre

The Killdares Takes Palace by Storm

Palace Theatre Block Party - March 10, 2007

First Appeared in The Music Box, March 2007, Volume 14, #3

Written by Kirk deCordova

Photos by Dottee Dagley


The Dallas-based, Celtic-rock outfit known as The Killdares made a return appearance Saturday evening at Corsicana’s beautifully restored Palace Theatre. After a block party that came complete with smoked sausage and libations, the crowThe Killdares Performs at The Palace Theatre Block Party on March 10, 2007d moved into the Palace for an evening of unforgettable entertainment. The Killdares, which first played the venue as part of last year’s festivities, was proud to return and share its unique brand of rock ’n’ roll with a house full of appreciative, enthusiastic fans. The band’s core consists of a power trio that unites Brek Lancaster on guitar, Jim Dawson on bass, and Tim Smith on drums and lead vocals. On top of this sits the world-class fiddling of Roberta Rast and the skillful and haunting bagpiping of Matt Willis.

The concert commenced with the lone figure of a piper on stage playing a mournful solo, but the scene soon was infused with energy as The Killdares’ entire entourage launched into the first of two sets of music. The ensemble primarily played original compositions, many of which were taken from the group’s most recent album Any Given Element. Nevertheless, the evening also boasted a few well-placed cover The Killdares in Corsicana, Texas - Palace Theatre - March 2007tunes, such as Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath and Big Country’s Fields of Fire. While these numbers were crowd pleasers, what really brought the faithful to their feet was The Killdares’ own material, including renditions of September, Daylight (Come and Go), and Gone West. Another rousing highlight was the collection of lively, fiddle-based tunes that featured award-winning band member Roberta Rast on her five-string fiddle. Right from the beginning, the audience showed its appreciation for the music by collectively rising to its feet, while others danced a jig in front of the stage.

As the show drew to a close, the rowdy fans gave The Killdares a standing ovation and demanded an encore by chanting and pounding their hands on the Palace stage. After the fiery encore, the satisfied crowd once again made its way into the street, though many people stopped to chat with and take pictures of the band before exiting the theater. Tim Smith, The Killdares’ lead singer and drummer, voiced his appreciation for the Palace Theatre staff’s excellent hospitality, and he expressed his hopes that the group would be invited back to perform at next year’s block party. If the audience’s ecstatic response is any indication, The Killdares will return to Corsicana in 2008.


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