Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long


First Appeared in The Music Box, August 2007, Volume 14, #8

Written by Melissa Stroh

Wed August 8, 2007, 06:00 AM CDT


Is Maroon 5 still capable of delivering the goods after leaving a six-year gap between studio albums? In the wake of the quiet success of its 2002 effort Songs about Jane, fans were anxious for more titillating songs about sultry sirens. Maroon 5, however, wasnít ready to return to craft new material, and instead, it released a slew of mediocre concert collections in an attempt to beat off the pressure of crafting a true sophomore outing.

After an eternity of delays, Maroon 5 finally has revealed its follow-up endeavor, the ironically titled It Wonít Be Soon Before Long. The album begins with the synth-soaked If I Never See Your Face Again, which precedes the familiar tones of the bandís annoyingly ubiquitous hit Makes Me Wonder. Lead singer Adam Levine whines his way through his R-rated lyrics in the hope that dirty words and even dirtier imagery will entice even the most reluctant listener among his PG-13 fan base. It may work with the younger crowd, but older ears are going to need a little bit more substance.

Riding the wave of Songs about Jane, Maroon 5 canít let go of subject matter it previously explored. Consequently, Levine and the rest of his band-mates seem like no-talent hacks that use their fame to sleep with any available girl. Although the abundance of sexual imagery was sultry during the bandís debut, it just sounds sleazy on It Wonít Be Soon Before Long. Levine slurs over-the-top, ridiculous lines like "I live on raw emotion, baby" and "I got nothing to hide/dip down and come for a ride." Unfortunately, the niche that Maroon 5 has carved for itself is quickly turning into an early grave.

Even mediocre songs like Nothing Lasts Forever, which at least features some beautiful acoustic guitar picking, and funky tunes like Canít Stop are unable to pull It Wonít Be Soon Before Long out of the gutter. Although there are a few good tracks on the endeavor, Levineís voice is too annoying and his lyrics are too slick to be taken seriously. Maybe Maroon 5 should have waited even longer before releasing the effort. starstar Ĺ


50th Annual Grammy Award Winner:
Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals
Makes Me Wonder


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