Money Mark - Brand New by Tomorrow

Money Mark
Brand New by Tomorrow


First Appeared in The Music Box, February 2007, Volume 14, #2

Written by John Metzger


Over the course of his career, Money Mark has alternated between albums that have sketched ideas and introduced instrumental textures and those that have been full-blown, genre-jumping, pop-oriented affairs. Both Change Is Coming and Markís Keyboard Repair fell into the former camp, while Push the Button and his latest set Brand New by Tomorrow fall into the latter one. With each iteration, the honorary Beastie Boy has taken steps toward realizing his vision, and Brand New by Tomorrow undoubtedly is his best outing yet. Its sad, mournful songs form a meditation of sorts on the demise of a relationship, though rather than sink into despair, Money Mark tempers the depressed mood by surrounding his words with the playful touches of The Beatles and Beck.

Knowing that Money Mark and Sean Lennon once commingled as part of the Grand Royal scene helps to bring some perspective to the piece, and the similarities between Brand New by Tomorrow and Lennonís Into the Sun and Friendly Fire are striking. The perfectly timed effects that adorn opening cut Color of Your Blues give the song a kaleidoscopic hue, while a piano accompaniment drawn from Mobyís Porcelain lends fragility to the gently loping gait of My Loss Your Gain. On Radiate Nothing, he transforms a cheesy, Casio-derived rhythm track into a Motown-worthy groove, and with bass legend Carol Kaye in tow, he struts through the shimmering, psychedelic soul of Pick Up the Pieces. Granted, thereís nothing on Brand New by Tomorrow that hasnít been done before, but Money Markís focus combined with his commitment to his cause are enough to make the set more notable than it otherwise might have been. starstarstar Ĺ


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