Shane Nicholson - It's a Movie

Shane Nicholson
It's a Movie


First Appeared in The Music Box, January 2005, Volume 12, #1

Written by John Metzger


No matter what he does, Shane Nicholson just canít seem to shake the many comparisons to Neil Finn. Not only do the singersí voices fall roughly within the same range, but when one gets right down to it, everything from their mannerisms to their songwriting styles is also quite similar. Indeed, much of Itís a Movie, Nicholsonís solo debut, walks a line straight through the heart of Finnís gentle, melancholy-drenched folk-pop, while his lyrics mine those favorite singer/songwriter themes of solitary reflection, loneliness, and relationships gone astray. As a result, the album is packed with earnest introspection, though on the title track, Nicholson steps, at least partially, outside himself to land a sarcasm-laden punch to the chin of music industry. Cast aside after failing to make a dent in the market with his former band Pretty Violet Stain, Nicholson just may have the last laugh. Although on occasion his lyrics are awkward, and several tracks are too brooding and ambient for their own good, the bulk of Itís a Movie is wistful, dreamy, and melodic, offering far more promise than most careers tend to require. starstarstar

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