Shanna Sharp - Running from Bushwick

Shanna Sharp
Running from Bushwick


First Appeared in The Music Box, March 2005, Volume 12, #3

Written by Joseph O. Patton



On Running from Bushwick, Shanna Sharp has crafted a 13-track suite of well-balanced and diverse music, which highlights the sweeping progression of her talent that has taken place since the 1998 release of her stripped-down, yet beautiful tune No One Wants to Be Alone. Coming in the wake of her move from the dingy clubs of Montgomery, Alabama to the bright lights of New York City, the album features her ever-maturing voice as it weaves a series of candid, poetic stories that shift from the eye-opening wit of Party Girl to the somber introspection of Two Voices. In addition, Running from Bushwick serves as an introduction to the latest incarnation of the Shanna Band. Throughout the set, the ensemble’s rich, broad sound perfectly frames her sultry, bold, and sometimes sweet style of singing while adding complexity to her material by folding together bits of jazz, rock, blues, alternative, and country textures. Where U Wanna Go wraps its near-country vibrations around a gorgeous melody; New Chance is a rousing, awakening call; Voodoo Man is wildly infectious; and Gotta Get the Love (Mama) exudes an anthem-like ambience. In the end, this hefty mélange offers the sort of depth and intrigue that stands in sharp contrast to the countless acts who tend to pigeon-hole themselves into a one-dimensional sound. starstarstarstar


Joseph O. Patton is the editor and publisher of the Capital City Free Press,
published in Montgomery, Alabama.



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